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“African Native Hebrew Healing and Honor in History”

https://youtu.be/Hj9beoD4w8Q Each year since the declaration of “Black History Month” there has been a bottle neck towards going beyond the “slave trade” that began from West Africa to the Americas. However, this is only a partial perspective about Africans who traveled much earlier than Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1592. This video gives documentation … Continue reading

“A Grandfather’s Reflections and Prayer For His Grandson”

It’s different when you see yourself with your grandson, lol Deuce was making some interesting sounds Not only did I hear those amazing and surprising growls, but I could feel the reverberations! It will not be long before Deuce will be talking clearly and walking swiftly, lol The energy and interest Deuce has towards his … Continue reading

“My Encouragement: This Is Your Season!”

“My Encouragement, For You Today, This is Your Season!” Good Morning All of My Father’s Children, You are always in my thoughts and prayers, as I view your post. As you awaken to a new day with many possibilities because of God’s promises towards you, may you feel relaxed, because you rested well! Smiling before … Continue reading

Take Time, To Trust and Thank Our Great God!

As thanksgiving quickly approaches, there are many events and activities that often command our attention during this holiday. The gathering of our family and friends, the abundance of great food and the football games! For some families, we put up our Christmas tree, and put up our favorite lights and decorations, so we can began … Continue reading

Impactful Article : Veterans and Star Spangled Banner

While I honor, salute and support ever Veteran who has served our great nation; May we always honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, along with their families. However, Let us also consider how many VETERANS were unfairly treated while serving our country? For many, after serving our country, when they returned home to … Continue reading

Learning to Listen to Those Who Speak Truth that Benefits Our Future

Accidentally, as I was flipping through YouTube, I viewed an interesting interview between Byron Allen and Karen Hunter. I was shocked of the content that was shared about COMCAST, and why this information did not surface across mainstream media? Unfortunately, for the American citizens that are categorize as “minorities,” institutional white supremacy is systematically practiced … Continue reading

“Falling but not Sticking!”

Inspirational Though: “Falling But Not Sticking or Staying!” (While reflecting out of the window of Bogangles watching the snow flakes falling, but not sticking) The Context: When people you know who loose all hope or cannot handle the failures, rejection, pressure or stressors in life end up taking their life and often others. How can … Continue reading

“Loving Folk, While Coping with Their Ways!”

This is a video of a sermon designed to encourage your efforts in being a disciple of Christ while dealing with difficult people at times. https://www.facebook.com/118330758331880/videos/871768389654776/ We are commanded to love one another, even as Christ has loved us. Yet, too often we can become less than loving or loveable at times. God, our Heavenly … Continue reading

“You Are A Reason For Hope!”

Often during the businesses of our schedules, we barely have opportunity to give the much needed attention to our own priorities. Then our stress level increases, when other people place a demand upon our resources. Surprisingly, it can be easy for us to show compassion and give a helping hand to those who are authenticly … Continue reading

“There Is No Fear with Freedom!”

Understandably, the ongoing discussion and debate regarding the merits of both positions, between grace and law, have drawn tensions between both siblings of two different theological Christian thoughts. Are the ultimate goals truth or a desire is to please God? Where does this leave the newborn believer or the seasoned saint in their quest for … Continue reading