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“Falling but not Sticking!”

Inspirational Though: “Falling But Not Sticking or Staying!” (While reflecting out of the window of Bogangles watching the snow flakes falling, but not sticking) The Context: When people you know who loose all hope or cannot handle the failures, rejection, pressure or stressors in life end up taking their life and often others. How can … Continue reading

“Loving Folk, While Coping with Their Ways!”

This is a video of a sermon designed to encourage your efforts in being a disciple of Christ while dealing with difficult people at times. https://www.facebook.com/118330758331880/videos/871768389654776/ We are commanded to love one another, even as Christ has loved us. Yet, too often we can become less than loving or loveable at times. God, our Heavenly … Continue reading

“You Are A Reason For Hope!”

Often during the businesses of our schedules, we barely have opportunity to give the much needed attention to our own priorities. Then our stress level increases, when other people place a demand upon our resources. Surprisingly, it can be easy for us to show compassion and give a helping hand to those who are authenticly … Continue reading

“There Is No Fear with Freedom!”

Understandably, the ongoing discussion and debate regarding the merits of both positions, between grace and law, have drawn tensions between both siblings of two different theological Christian thoughts. Are the ultimate goals truth or a desire is to please God? Where does this leave the newborn believer or the seasoned saint in their quest for … Continue reading

“The Truth Will Make You Free!”

“Fake News,” who really knows, who doesn’t care about the fallout and effects of this kind of propaganda that floods the “ear and eye gates” of countless victims? This enemy is well know, but shrouded with suspicion and scorn, fallen as the “Morning Star,” from heaven, “Son of the Dawn!” (Isaiah 14:12) The One, who … Continue reading

“Believing and Declaring the Impossibilities!”

I am amazed how many Christmas stories are shown on television about Santa Claus,  magical miracles, and hope that occurs during this season. Perhaps I’m more surprised how the “Good News” about what God has done through Jesus  as the “Anointed One” for our lives has not been more pervasively proclaimed beyond the commercialism by … Continue reading

“Releasing Our Blessing To Equip Others in Community”

   As we began a new year and prepare to reflect upon life lessons and spiritual truths that may set our compass towards a new horizon, how would you see yourself participating when a dilemma occurs? The Problem, The individual who is ultimately responsible for whatever has gone wrong. The Presenter – The individual who … Continue reading

“How Should We Understand Marriage?”

   “WHAT IF THIS IS TRUE?” Today the Supreme court will listen to legal arguments regarding Same Sex Marriage. Why does main stream media fail to fully cover this story so that American citizens are better informed? This is a must watch video by Charlene Cathron (Click her name to watch her YouTube video interview) For those … Continue reading

“Affirming The True Nature of God!”

   If a Christian is going to have a relationship with God then they must have a correct understanding of who is God. God has determined to use preachers to proclaim His Words which convey His Will to all existing societies and cultures through the Church, as the Body of Christ! The Word of God … Continue reading

The Apostles of Mammon VS the Apostles of Christ

Originally posted on Spirit of Discernment:
The church today is dogged by many false teachers spouting false doctrines on wealth and prosperity, and many in the church have become deceived as a result. These teachers give promises of untold blessings, as if God placed them personally in charge of doling out His blessings, raising false…